webadmin console

  1. J

    PHP detached mode

    How to check if PHP detached mode is enabled? I am using LSWS along with cPanel in a shared hosting environment. From wiki I read that it will be enabled by default for hosting environment. But on checking the WebAdmin console of the server, the detached mode is "not set" LSWS version is 5.4.3...
  2. J

    LItespeeed configuration for shared servers

    Hello, Is there any recommended Litespeed configurations for shared servers with cpanel? I am specifically looking for the optimised settings in webadmin console which can be used for shared servers. Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    problem with setting of cgi umask

    hello my problem is when i want to set the umask setting of cgi under security tab in admin panel of litespeed. i need to set it as 0022 but it just accept a value in range of 000-777 so i tried 002 as said in the forums posts but when i check the result of "echo exec('umask');" by php, it...
  4. J

    Cannot login to webadmin console

    After upgrading to LSWS 5.4.1,while logging into webadmin console it is showing many warning and not able to login.I even downgraded to 5.4 and still the error is not resolved. The warnings displayed are below. Warning: session_start()...
  5. SaeedTJ

    Some errors in webadmin console after installing

    hello there is lots of errors in my litespeed webadmin console like this: [config:scripthandler] Can not find handler with type: 17, name: lsphp70. or [config:scripthandler] Can not find External Application: lsphp70, type: lsapi I'm using directadmin I checked and everything was ok so whats...
  6. M

    cant access WebAdmin Console

    hi i cant access webadmin console in litespeed on port 7080 how i can resolve this problem?