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    How to clear LiteSpeed plugin config setting and get back to default

    I want to get back to the Default configuration (settings) of LiteSpeed Caches Plugin. To do this I Deactivate and Delete this plugin. But when I install again LiteSpeed plugin, it keeps the previous settings. Some functions of my NID services website not working properly. Website link...
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    Only images larger than 1 Mb are being compressed

    Hi all! WP only compresses uploaded images larger than 1 megabyte. How do I tell it to compress every image on upload? All content is user generated. They upload photos that are 2 – 4 Mb to posts and comments. All of this gets compressed by LiteSpeed. But, a lot of the images are screenshots...
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    Litespeed cache setting browsing problem

    Hey, I did the setting for the litespeed cache and when I browse my website: at the start it open with the list of contents which doesn't look good as you can see in the attachment. Can anybody help me with the settings what is the possible problem? The link is
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    Litespeed plugin setting with shared Litespeed Entreprise Web Server

    Hello Could you help me with Litespeed plugin setting on a Litespeed Entreprise Web Server from shared hosting) + Keycdn After setting Litespeed plugin following instruction form hosting, website speed went down... Do you have a guide of how to set litespeed plugin (LSWS from shared hosting...