1. A

    QUIC and HTTP/3 troubleshooting

    Hello Merry Christmas to you I read this https://docs.litespeedtech.com/lsws/cp/cpanel/quic-http3/#:~:text=It%20is%20easy%20to%20start,is%20no%20configuration%20change%20required. then for troubleshooting, I followed this...
  2. P

    QUIC error

    Hello, I've recently installed "LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise 6.0" on my CentOS 8 server. According to attached image, every day QUIC has some errors. Errors below are the most recent ones: 2021-05-01 19:16:38.635199 ERROR [QUIC:554CCDEEE0B4F456] conn: Abort connection: cannot...
  3. J

    Adding subdomain to QUIC.cloud CDN

    Hello, I have a test site running on a sub domain(sub.domain.com). Can I enable Quic.cloud CDN to this sub domain only? I don't want to change anything for the root domain. The purpose here is to check the website(sub.domain.com) performance with and without CDN.
  4. A

    Head mashed trying to configure quic.cloud

    I've tried following the guide, but truth be told it's a difficult read, and it mentions setting up sub domains and having them point to the main domain. Which I want as I use www. But the important parts of the guide are blacked out. I put in what I think needs to go in, but my site reports...
  5. sibipaul

    Litespeed Quic and Quic.cloud Dynamic CDN Both are Same?

    Hello, Forgive me if Its a Stupid Question. I was Planning to Migrate to Litespeed Plan, So, I checked its advantages... Meanwhile, I was A Quic.cloud Dynamic CDN in LS Cache Settings. So, I went to their site and Registered... There, I came to Understand that, Quic.cloud is a Uniq CDN...
  6. V

    Litespeed webserver 5.3.5 version quic support

    Hello there After updating to version 5.3.5, I saw that quic is disabled.
  7. K

    QUIC does not respond

    Hello together, i am trying to set up a server and get stuck enableling QUIC. I have successfully installed the certificates (https and HTTP/2 are working fine). Furthermore, QUIC is enabled on all levels (server, listener and virtual host). The UDP port for QUIC is open, but when any client...
  8. B

    Possible to force QUIC?

    Hello, is it possible to force quic? I got quic running on my lws on port 443, everything is working pretty fine. The problem is, that the HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator (and wireshark logs) show that sometimes quic is used, sometimes http/2. According to the quic discovery mechanism...
  9. Àlex Miras

    Add QUIC version 43 to LSWS 5.2.8

    In LSWS Admin I have the QUIC Versions parameter not set and the header shows alt-svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="35,37,38,39" The HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator says http2 enabled and no green icon :/ But here, I can see that this forum has SPDY+quic/43 alt-svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000...
  10. P

    QUIC shm data

    Are there some round estimation figures about QUIC data amounts that will be needed to run a relatively busy website? I have a 16GB /dev/shm/ and I do not want it to swap. Is there a way to monitor lsws QUIC /dev/shm/ usage?
  11. J

    Question about QUIC, enabling, settings, etc

    So when I test my own server, https://seo-lagniappe.com (I'm on a VPS with A2hosting.com) I receive the h2 protocol response in Chrome DevTools. My header response is: alt-svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="35,37" I'm using Let'sEncrypt for my SSL/TSL When I look at other Litespeed servers...
  12. B

    QUIC performance in LSWS

    Hi everyone, I am conducting an evaluation of QUIC, and I'm using LiteSpeed as the QUIC server. I seem to get much lower throughput with LS, as opposed to the Chromium test server. The following shows the throughput when downloading a 6 MB file multiple times in succession, using LSWS: The...
  13. R

    QUIC warning messages

    Hello, I get a lot of QUIC warning messages How can I fixed it? [QUIC:4492256252735914249] mini-conn: destroyed. Diagnostics: conn flags: 0x20078, mc flags: 0x52, incoming-history (trunc: 0) 1,2,3,4, received: F, sent: FF, lost: 1F, deferred: 0, still-deferred: 0, dropped: 0, in-flight: E0...
  14. M

    QUIC doesn't work with PHP 7.2RC6 with LiteSpeed SAPI

    QUIC is not working in PHP 7.2.0RC6 and reverting to HTTP/2 when using the Litespeed SAPI. We don't know why this is. PHP believes this may be the final verison of 7.2.0. The problem does not exist with the latest stable version of PHP 71.11. No settings changed in Litespeed. This has been...
  15. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Open-Sources QUIC Client

    LiteSpeed Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the LiteSpeed QUIC Client Library under an open-source license. This library supports all of the QUIC versions released in the Chrome browser in the past year — v35, v37, and v39. Support for new QUIC versions, including the upcoming...
  16. M

    Can't get QUIC working

    Just today, it would seem, WHM updated to 64.0.32. After this, it looks like QUIC stopped working here. I have closely followed your documentation, but I continue to experience difficulty getting it to work and stay working. I am not using Litespeed vhosts, but the cpanel/Apache default. I have...