1. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v2.1 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v2.1 This release consists of bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Address compatibility with python 3.10 . Cheers!
  2. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v2.0 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v2.0 RELEASE LOG: [New Feature] Python 3.9 support. [Misc] Clean up compiler warnings. Cheers!
  3. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v1.9 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v1.9 RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Properly decode UTF-8 encoded characters in request header. Cheers!
  4. V

    Internal Error - utf8 value in request - wsgi-python(django)

    Hi there, at the moment I use Litespeed 5.4.11 - Cpanel v92.0.6 - Cloudlinux 7.9. I deployed a Django project with Cloudlinux Python App interface and its work like a charm, except during handling utf8 requests for example when I make a request like :تست i face with this error...
  5. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v1.8 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v1.8 RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Avoid being detected as interactive mode, which caused environments set in .env to not be applied for python applications. Cheers!
  6. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.8, Ruby LSAPI v5.1, and Python LSAPI v1.7 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.8 Ruby LSAPI v5.1 Python LSAPI v1.7 RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Make single worker non-prefork mode work properly. (RUBY LSAPI ONLY) [Bug Fix] Correct inaccurate children process tracking. [Tuning] Update log message with more information when possible: Timestamp, UID, PID...
  7. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v1.6 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v1.6 RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Added support for Python 3.8 in Ubuntu 20.04. Cheers!
  8. A

    Which one is best Python or Ruby?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and I have completed my graduation in Btech. I am confused to choose the right direction to build my future between Python and Ruby. They both are high-level language and server-side scripting languages. Both are used for web applications also work on multiple...
  9. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v1.4 Now Available

    Greetings! Python LSAPI v1.4 was released today. In this release: improvements with logging. Full release log: Improved stderr logging with timestamp. Disabled unnecessary debug logging. Enjoy!