php 7.4

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    Add child process php errors

    Hi, I am getting these errors in a loop. Can you help? Idk what this means and how to fix it? 2022-05-30 23:48:03.510220 [NOTICE] [82466] [AdminPHP] add child process pid: 82995 2022-05-30 23:48:34.031724 [NOTICE] [82466] sendKillCmdToWatchdog: 'extappkill:82995:-3:0'. 2022-05-30...
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    file_get_contents 403 in Open LiteSpeed php 7.4

    Hi, first time poster and new to OLS but hoping someone might have some insight into this issue. Server: VULTR VPS on UBUNTU20.04+11, managed via RunCloud using their Open Lightspeed stack Software stack: PHP 7.4, WordPress 5.8.1, custom vanilla PHP theme Plugin of note: iThemes Security...
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    Use of undefined constant current

    Hi, on the last version 1.5.1 I'm with PHP 7.4.22 PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant current - assumed 'current' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in ./plugins/system/lscache/components/com_virtuemart.php on line 289 (293 with actual file)...
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    Best PHP handler for LSWS

    Hi all i am new to LSWS and i am configuring some settings. I have a problem that wordpress wp-admin is very slow with LS cache plugin so after some research some suggested that i have slow php. When i turn of the LS Cache wp admin is very fast. So i had enabled suphp handler and i changed it to...
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    Error while upgrading PHP to 7.4 from existing 7.3.19+focal

    Stack: Openlitespeed - Wordpress Cloud Service: GCP Problem: Could not upgrade to PHP7.4 from existing 7.3 .19+focal Error: Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required...