1. lclarke

    lsquic v4 Now Available

    Announcing: lsquic v4 In this release: QUIC v2 support, and more! RELEASE LOG: - Add support for QUICv2 (RFC9369). - Add support for version negotiation (RFC9368). - Retry packet for address validation. - Improve handshake under high packet loss/corruption. - Improve QUIC interop results...
  2. lclarke

    lsquic v3.3.1 Now Available

    Announcing: lsquic v3.3.1 This release consists of bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: • Fix blocked header encoding stream due to connection flow control congestion. • Fix qeh_write_headers bug for Windows. • Fix corner case for packet resizing. Cheers!
  3. lclarke

    lsquic v3.3.0 Now Available

    Announcing: lsquic v3.3.0 In this release: Improvements to PATH validation, and STOP_SENDING, memory leak fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: - Improve path validation logic to avoid sending padded packet to unverified peer, follow 3X anti-amplification rule. - Optimize application callback when...
  4. lclarke

    ls-qpack v2.5.0 and lsquic v3.2.0 Now Available

    Announcing: ls-qpack v2.5.0 and lsquic v3.2.0 ls-qpack RELEASE LOG: [BUGFIX] Properly handle dynamic table size change at the beginning of decoding stream. In this release: Fix decoder, memory leak and assert failure. lsquic RELEASE LOG: -...
  5. lclarke

    ls-qpack v2.4 and lsquic v3.1.2 Now Available

    Announcing: ls-qpack v2.4 RELEASE LOG: - Fix use-after-free bug in handling decompression errors. And: lsquic v3.1.2 RELEASE LOG: - Update ls-qpack to 2.4.0 to address a use-after-free bug - Address a few corner cases that trigger assert...
  6. lclarke

    lsquic v3.0.4 Now Available

    Announcing: lsquic v3.0.4 This release consists of bug fixes and more. RELEASE LOG: - Fix overly strict assert() - Do not reset path MTU due to three lost_mtu_probe - Fix handshake failure due to too many realy data - Better build support for Windows platform - Update ls-qpack to 2.2.3...