litespeed web server

  1. V

    [solved] htaccess environment variable assignment fails in LSWS but works in Apache

    I've been trying to configure CORS headers on my hosting company's LiteSpeed Web Server via .htaccess, but I've run into what seems like a bug with LiteSpeed's handling of environment variables. The hosting company upgraded my instance to the latest LSWS 5.2.7 to see if that would help, but the...
  2. M

    Installing magento 2 with litespeed

    Hi I want to install magento 2 with litespeed webserver I was using nginx and I used it's config file from here but I am not familiar with litespeed and I don't know how should I configure it, so can you help me? I should add...
  3. A

    Litespeed stop working after updating to 5.1.17

    Hello ! I'm using litespeed webserver 5.0.17 with directadmin. when i update the litespeed to 5.1.17 by "custom build 2", after 10 minutes the litespeed goes down and non of my sites runs. I have to restart litespeed and the problem appear after 10 to 20 minutes after restarting. so i have to...
  4. lclarke

    LiteSpeed Web Server v5.2 Now Available - featuring QUIC support!

    Greetings! LiteSpeed Web Server v5.2 was released today. In this release: QUIC and mod_pagespeed support, bug fixes, and more! Full release log: [MAJOR NEW FEATURE] Added QUIC (Quic UDP Internet Connections) support. [MAJOR NEW FEATURE] Added mod_pagespeed support for 64-bit Linux installs...