litespeed entreprise web server

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    Litespeed wordpress clustering without Litespeed Web ADC

    Hi folks, I plan to host my wordpress application in cloud with 2 AWS EC2 instances. Each EC2 instance will have Litespeed web server enterprise and LSCWP module installed. I will use the load balancer provided by the cloud provider instead of Litespeed Web ADC. May I know what are the...
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    LiteSpeed/5.4.12 Enterprise Build 6 Automatically Restarted

    Dear, after latest litespeed update 5.4.12 Enterprise Build 6 i am having an issue with litespeed. it keeps restarting, litespeed automatic restart occur even when my server load is very low. i have not this issue before updating into the Build 6. i keep receiving this notification from my...
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    How to Secure a Linux Server and Website Project [WIP] [Learning Project]

    I plan to do the same post in a few different forums to receive different opinions and I don't speak English natively, I hope this isn't a problem. I will be grouping and placing all current learning links for secure linux server and website security in this post in an organized manner. My Goal...
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    Litespeed plugin setting with shared Litespeed Entreprise Web Server

    Hello Could you help me with Litespeed plugin setting on a Litespeed Entreprise Web Server from shared hosting) + Keycdn After setting Litespeed plugin following instruction form hosting, website speed went down... Do you have a guide of how to set litespeed plugin (LSWS from shared hosting...