litespeed enterprise

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    Install Litespeed enterprise for Magento 2 problem

    Hi. I am having a magento 2.4.6-p3 instance configured with nginx + varnish. I am thinking to switch to Litespeed. Already installed litemage plugin. But I am having serious problem with the web server itself. I can't configure the listener and vhost fine so I can't run magento at all. Web...
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    OpenLiteSpeed v LiteSpeed Enterprise

    Hi I have posted this question on the CyberPanel forum as well ( but it was suggested to post it here instead. We have recently been experimenting with CyberPanel and openlitespeed/litespeed enterprise. We setup...
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    Litespeed Caching Help!

    Hi, I need some help in Litespeedcache. The pictures of the Posts lower in the Homepage of my Wordpress site do not load even when the Whole site has been loaded. I tried to debug the Issue and so, Turned off Litespeed Cache plugin Features in Toolbox<Debug Settings. Now, the images load...
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    403 Forbidden Using Puffin browser

    Hi. I was using puffin browser to do WordPress customisation and suddenly after a while I'm getting 403 forbidden error. Everything is fine on Chrome and other web browsers but on puffin browser I cannot access anything. Is there any workaround for this ? Any kind of suggestion would be...