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    Lscache Purging issue in laravel

    Hello Everyone , i have implemented the lscache in one of my laravel application but there is some issue with the purging and hit the private cache. Initially routes are hit the private cache but whenever i made the post request then it's clearing all the caches , bellow is the code which i...
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    Server cannot connect anymore

    I have install litespeed using this Link I didn't point any DNS as it is still in develop, I'm hosting in AWS Lightsail with ubuntu platform, but around today (i,e,. 19th Oct 2021) 12:00 noon I cannot access my site it showing This site can’t be reached <IP> took too long to respond. I reboot...
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    htaccess need file blocking

    settings fixed. There is only one problem. public_html/resources/views/web/inc/header.blade.php --> no-cache? is it done? need file blocking how to .htaccess.php <IfModule LiteSpeed> RewriteCond %{ORG_REQ_URI} !/login RewriteCond %{ORG_REQ_URI} !/register RewriteEngine On RewriteRule .* -...
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    With Laravel I want only non-login users to keep cache.

    Hi, I have installed the cache, but I want the cache to work when the user is not logged in. This is how I configured the following files. lscache.php <?php return [ 'esi' => env('LSCACHE_ESI_ENABLED', true), 'default_ttl' =>...