.htaccess redirects

  1. V

    301 redirection with URL exclusion problem

    Hi. I've been trying to redirect all URLs from an old domain to a new one, except for two specific pages (/contact-form and /about). Here is the code block I have added at the top of .htaccess file just before #Beging Wordpress: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}...
  2. Ryder Cragie


    I have hosting set up on a wildcard on my domain (*.example.com) and I would like to have the following type of redirect: whatever-the-user-types-here.example.com > example.com/whatever-the-user-types-here Does anyone know the code for this please? This would make my day if someone could help...
  3. H

    .htaccess files not being used

    I have the following folder structure domain.com (/public_html/) sub.domain.com (/public_html/sub/) sub.domain.com/dir1/ (/public_html/sub/dir1/) sub.domain.com/dir1/dir2/ (/public_html/sub/dir1/dir2/) if I put the following in...
  4. S

    Rewrite rule sends empty $_GET variable

    I am trying to migrate an older PHP application to a paid litespeed version on a cpanel server. The application seems to fail because the following redirect which is supposed to send the variable VHE6n is not working and $_GET appears to be empty. RewriteRule project/([^/]*)/([^/]*).html...
  5. A

    403 after making changes .htaccess/Rewrite

    Dear All, Need your kind help to get it resolved, it was all fine i was trying to activate ReWrite activated made a few changes in .htaccess but unfortunately, it started 403 following is the log plz help. TimeLevelMessage 2020-08-15 00:49:25.459112NOTICE [testAndFixDirs]...
  6. E

    301 Redirects not working

    Hi I completed a Wordpress redesign and now I have 200 pages with 404 error codes, I tried to add redirects to the .htaccess file, but this method is not working. This is the method that I tried to use: RewriteRule /destination/city/coloradosprings-airport/(.+)...