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    Enabling LiteSpeed Guest Optimization got PageSpeed Insight performance Error

    When I enable the Guest Optimization I always got a PageSpeed Insight performance Error. But when it's disabled, I got a low score. I want to enable this just like on my other websites to have a high score in performance but I think, there is a bug on the plugin after WordPress 6.2 is...
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    Improve TTFB?

    I switched a site from Hummingbird to LSCache using the Quic.Cloud CDN. It looks like LSCache resolves a lot of the issues Hummingbird couldn't (Structure, Total blocking time and Cumulative shift) but my LCP/TTFP is way worse. With Hummingbird I had that time down to under a second, but with...
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    Reduce initial server response time is so high

    Hi, The first time page took so many time to load as when I checked the speed test tool it shows the TTFB is high. Please check the attached screenshots and please let me know is there any solution to fix the speed issue. Thanks,
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    x-litespeed-cache miss in gtmetrix

    Hello, on my site, often doing the check with GTMETRIX I find x-litespeed-cache miss. How can I solve? Thank you
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    How to reduce waiting time in gtmetrix

    Dear Sir/Mam I'm using litespeed webserver 5.2.4. when i checking all of my websites in gtmetrix. there are a lot of lost time in waiting that makes my websites slower. Is there any configuration or solution to reduce it ? some of my website links: