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    Is it possible to configure logs per domain?

    We have a WordPress multisite installation running on Litespeed. With many domains dropping activity into the logs, it's impossible to discern what site a particular line in the log is associated with. I've researched updating log file format, but I don't see anything that will include the...
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    Per-virtual-host PHP error logs and log rotation

    I couldn't find a built-in way to set a different PHP error log path for each virtual host. What I've done is set PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR=:$VH_ROOT/.local/etc/php.d in each Environment setting of the LiteSpeed SAPI App Definitions, then put the following in...
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    QUIC error

    Hello, I've recently installed "LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise 6.0" on my CentOS 8 server. According to attached image, every day QUIC has some errors. Errors below are the most recent ones: 2021-05-01 19:16:38.635199 ERROR [QUIC:554CCDEEE0B4F456] conn: Abort connection: cannot...
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    litespeed+mod_security error_log hostname issue

    Hi dear friends i have a problem when i switch to litespeed here is apache webserver + mod_security error log (which help me grep target domain in error_log to find the issue in simple way) [:error][client] ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403 (phase 2). Pattern match...