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    Litespeed cache some pages but some not magento 2.4

    Hi There, We have got migrated litespeed from one server to another server for magento 2.4.4. We noticed some pages are being cached but some are not. Like home page is cached and top level categories pages are cached but sub categories and cms pages are not being cached. Whenever we run...
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    Problem with ceche

    I have a problem with logging in to the site through the panel installed for users simply can not log in to reload the page but when I clear the cache of your plugin or if I deactivate the LS plugin the error disappears, how to fix it?
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    Probably simple but... Help

    Hi - Lightspeed cache is causing a Nonce error on my registration button - I am correct in the fact that I have to stop those pages from being cached? And if so - I really need to know the coding cause I am clueless on that. Thanks