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    301 redirection with URL exclusion problem

    Hi. I've been trying to redirect all URLs from an old domain to a new one, except for two specific pages (/contact-form and /about). Here is the code block I have added at the top of .htaccess file just before #Beging Wordpress: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}...
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    Hostinger Support advised contacting LiteSpeed

    Good Morning/Evening, I've contacted our web host, who advised they had seen the issue with static pages (https://site.com/page1.htm) reporting as missing with a 404 error. The referenced page was: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-404-litespeed-wordpress I'm not sure when this...
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    Image names being changed by LiteSpeed breaks image links and I get "404 Not Found nginx" (examples included)

    Hello! My site (pbjlearning.com) has a blog and I added LiteSpeed to help image loading. Randomly, images were not working on the site, and after digging in, it appears what is happening is the filenames are being changed in LiteSpeed, and the connection through my WordPress media get broken...