Switching Web Servers

Switching between LiteSpeed Enterprise(LSWS) and Apache is a very simple task using the CentOS Web Panel(CWP). It can also be accomplished via included scripts in the terminal.

  1. Visit the CWP Install at https://IP_OR_HOSTNAME:2031 and log in.
  2. Navigate to Apache Settings → Select Web Servers.
  3. Next to LiteSpeed Enterprise, there will be a “Switch to LiteSpeed” button and a “Switch to Apache” button.
  4. Select either button to switch between them.
  1. Log in to the terminal.
  2. Change the directory to the following: LSWS_INSTALL_DIR/admin/misc/.
    • Example: cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc
  3. Then, run the following command replacing <webserver> with either “lsws” or “apache”, depending on what you wish to switch to.
    • ./cp_switch_ws.sh <webserver>
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  • Last modified: 2017/02/16 22:08
  • by Johathan Kagan