Trusted IP in .htaccess

You can set Trusted IPs if you want to bypass reCAPTCHA and the WordPress brute-force check.

You can do so in LSWS Admin Console > Server > Security > Access Control > Allowed List by adding a trailing T to the IP.

Since LSWS 5.4RC1, you may also set a Trusted IP at the virtual host level. Use Trusted, (where and are individual IP addresses) in the virtual host's document root .htaccess file. This will unblock a blocked IP, and make it trusted for that vhost. Both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs can be used as Trusted IP. When IPv6 IP used, please ensure to use […] to enclose it.

Virtual-host-level trusted IPs will bypass LiteSpeed's reCAPTCHA and WordPress brute-force security check features.

Additionally, since LSWS 5.4RC1, all local IPs and, [::1] will be trusted by default.

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  • Last modified: 2019/02/14 18:51
  • by Jackson Zhang