Bitnami WordPress AMI

Bitnami currently offers a Marketplace AMI with WordPress. The AMI is already setup with WordPress on Apache. This guide will explain how easy it is to convert Apache to LiteSpeed Web Server.

LiteSpeed Web Server already reads Apache configs, so we created a script to automate the entire install process.

This script does the following:

  • Installs LiteSpeed Web Server with a trial license
  • Installs LSPHP 7.0
  • Configures LSWS to read Apache configs

This script will get the Bitnami AMI up and running with LSWS in a matter of seconds.

NOTE: This script is tailored to this specific AMI and will not work reliably on other AMIs.

Running the script

Just run the following commands from a shell prompt on your AMI and follow the prompted instructions.

chmod a+x ./
sudo ./

NOTE: This script only works if you have the Bitnami WordPress AMI running with Apache and not nginx.

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  • Last modified: 2017/04/28 19:08
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