www disappeared from website URL

Hi, I've installed the LiteSpeed Cache plugin on a Wordpress site, but after this the "www" part in my website URL is disappeared. This is causing me a lot of problems. Is there any configuration I can use to restore the www in the URL? Or there is something I can do on server side (i.e. editing the htaccess file) to restore it?
Thanks in advance.
Hi serpent_driver, thanks for the reply. I'm not sure to have understood your suggestion. I opened the link you posted, but I don't see any way of searching posts in this (only see the search button on top, which have already tried without results). Are you referring to a specific post? Or should I post my question in another forum (I see that the forum you linked is readonly). Thanks in advance.


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If you can't find any related post at WordPress support forum, create a new thread and post the issue, but always do this at LiteSpeed support forum for the LiteSpeed cache plugin. This forum doesn't support it!