WP Notification Bar Pro plugin conflict

Hi, I am using WP Notification Bar Pro plugin for my client. I have 2 WP Notification Bars set up on there website. A mobile version and desktop version. It works great! But an issue has happened I need assistance with. My server has Litespeed Cache and the website has the Litespeed Cache plugin that needs to be enabled.

(currently its Litespeed cache plugin is inactive at the moment because its causing a conflict with WP Notification Bar Pro plugin. When the plugin is active its mixing up the 2 bars and not displaying them correctly. Sometimes you see the mobile version on desktop or you see the desktop version on mobile.- so its a cache issue)

The litespeed cache plugin has many settings I played with them to get it to work correctly but I was unsuccessful. On Litespeed Cache plugin there are ways to bypass certain pages, cookies, tags, strings etc... as we don't need to actually cache WP Notification Bar Pro plugin and I don't mind bypassing WP Notification Bar Pro plugin and caching the rest of there website.

Please let me know if you are familiar with this and how I can enable both WP Notification Bar Pro plugin and lightspeed cache without this conflict. Is there a way I can bypass WP Notification Bar Pro plugin so its not cached? Thanks!


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We're relaunching our site on Wordpress and I want a notification bar to appear welcome everyone to the new site with a link to learn more. Once a user closes it though, I want it gone forever (or gone for the next 2 weeks or Nox Vidmate VLC so).
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