WP CLI / lscache-admin get_options

First, don't why but I can't post in the "Litespeed Cache Plugin For WordPress" ...
I'm using Wp cli to manage my WP installs.

So I'm using something like this to install litespeed-cache (It works fine) :
if ! $($WP_CLI plugin is-installed litespeed-cache); then
   echo "Installing litespeed cache"
   $WP_CLI plugin install litespeed-cache --activate
   $WP_CLI lscache-admin import_options lscache_options.txt
I'm also using this kind of loop to update my sites, and I'd like to load different options depending on if, let's say "cdn_cloudflare" is true in plugin options.
I can see the value using
$WP_CLI lscache-admin get_options
But sadly I can't find a way to actually retrieve the value as get_options is not returning an array :(

So if someone has a workaround this would be great !
Thank you


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Do you mean to retrieve a single value by CLI? Currently we don't have option. We can add it in v3.0 if needed.