Why does a page load faster after 2e click


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Yes, but in the tutorial it said that if i want to see the requested headers. Oh, well
Yes, but if a function is disabled, then it is disabled. There is no cache header: x-litespeed-cache: cache is off, but there is a x-litespeed-cache: no-cache header that occurs if a page is either manually excluded from being cached or by its type, but only if cache is not disabled.


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Hi guys and gals,

I have excellent pagespeed scores, but only after the second time i click on a specific post, this is also for the test tools.
when you first check by pagespeed, you can see in OPPORTUNITIES "Reduce server response"- this is still NO lscache, after second check "Reduce server response" disappear - this is already generated lscache (for this page only).

for different User Agents/devices must be generated it's own cache.
this is work for crawler (recache, cache warmer)
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