Whitelist include


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I'd like to suggest a feature to implement whitelist includes since CDN provider services is using IP addresses which is getting updated and thats though to add them individually to each server
Currently the Whitelist input is comma separated which is not so user friendly specially when there is a lot of IPs needed to be added or edited

with include files feature that would be more easier and could be updated with a simple cron script

that also would be awesome that the include file could be trusted as well

for example cloudflare https://www.cloudflare.com/ips-v4 is:

the include file could be the same each line including one IP/CIDR and it also doesn't need trailing T for the trusted

if this feature approve and get confirmed that would be so easier for me to add and update necessary trusted IPs to couple of servers



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The latest LiteSpeed enterprise should automatically whitelist CloudFlare ips (it won't show in the allowed list though). Just upgrade to 5.4.11