Webhosts - CloudLinux + Lightspeed. Worth it?

Over the years, as clients have needed new web hosting, we've just been booting up VM's and installing cPanel, which has left us with a bunch of cPanel VMs. Now this was fine when licenses were $15, but the new pricing is killing us a bit.
I'm looking at building a massive VM (Dual Xeon Hexa Cores / 128GB RAM / 4TB RAID'ed SSDs) and hosting the 100~ sites we have on it, then just using Hyper-V live replication to another node in case of hardware issues.
We've figured the server spec, but I'm unsure whether we should also run CloudLinux + Lightspeed? I've been doing hosting for a while, and standard CentOS + Apache is pretty good - but if it's going to make everything better, it might be worth doing. Anyone have any experience with this? Anything I should look out for?tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/
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