Virtual Hosts (by way of templates) always say 'Restart Required', but work fine.

Hi -

Using 3.0RC2 (both FreeBSD6 and OSX) I have several virtual hosts that were created by adding them to a virtual host template. While they work fine their status is always 'Restart Required' yet a restart doesn't do anything to change it.

In neither server have I imported *anything* from apache, this is pure litespeed.

Screenshots are available at the URL's below (it wouldn't let me upload them to this post):

Thanks, -philip


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Should have been fixed in 3.0 release. You can try the 3.0 release by change the version number in the download link. It should be the 3.0 final release.

Maybe the fix is only for the Apache vhosts, we will address this issue later. You can safely ignore this problem now.
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Hrm, no luck. I downloaded, upgraded, restarted (made sure it had stopped) and they still report the same thing 'Restart Required'.

Perhaps there is a status file that I should clear out?