Trying to set up a FastCGI app using Python/Django and getting nowhere...

Hi :)

Ive been trying to get the free edition of LiteSpeed working with my Django app for the last couple of days now and don't seem to be getting anywhere with it so thought I would ask for some help here.

My django app currently runs on apache2/mod_wsgi and is getting to the point where apache2 uses too much memory and so forth. A friend of mine uses litespeed for his high traffic apps and I wanted to give it a go :)

Doersn't seem to matter what I do to set this thing us with the external app, it never seems to fire up and work (I always get a page not found in browser). Can someone please point me to some step by step tutorials for setting up a vhost/working django app for a litespeed n00b? All I seem to find here are snippets of info, rather than a complete tutorial.

Im using a fresh copy of debian with a default install of LiteSpeed with PHP. Thanks.


LiteSpeed Staff
If LSWS cannot fire up the application automatically, you may have to start the application manually, and set "Auto Start" to false in LSWS external app configuration.