[todo] cPanel + ruby


We have some clients using ruby + apache + cpanel.

We are migrating a few nodes in the next few weeks to litespeed. My question is how can I accomplish integrating tomcat with litespeed along with cpanel?

What setups are require to migrate everything over where it does not break any applications?
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After some evaluation in our lab, we decided to add support for directive "JkMount", LiteSpeed will work with cPanel + tomcat. Only configuration change required in LSWS web console is to add a servlet engine external app with name "ajp13".

Will let you know when this feature is ready.

BTW: this question is not really about ruby, should be posted to "Apache Migration" forum.

We have an example site where JSP is not working during our migration to litespeed

We have a user down needing JSP support via cpanel.

We have other users using ruby as well so I need a way to implement jsp along with ruby.