Some benchmarks by me


I've done some benchmarks for a typical rails scenario. I've uploaded the results on my server here:
litespeed seems to beat any other configuration. and this is just the standard edition.

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Im currently rerunning the tests without doing it on the localhost. apperently its not a good thing to do :). results will be updated soon..

update: my network isnt capable of handling such remote requests (wifi :p), so i think these results are the best i can get from here..
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Testing over localhost has minimum impacts on the results for the Rails tests, as "ab" will only take minimum resource.

For the static file tests results, however, the differences should be much bigger if tested remotely, given your network is fast enough. It will only make LSWS looks even better. ;)
When you performed these benchmarks did you clear out the sessions after each separate test as well as reboot the machine?

Not that i don't believe your test results, but Nginx just seems to do way too poorly in your tests and i thought that could have been b/c you tested it last without doing what i mentioned above.

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Thats why i wrote in bold letters that the nginx results are not correct :). Due to a typo in my configuration file it used only 3 mongrels and 1 mongrel was in it 2 times. The real performence is like 130-145 req/s for the frontpage test. Next weekend or friday i will do the benchmark again with nginx properly configurated.
Sorry i have read this thread a couple of times and must have missed your edits. I plan on doing similar tests myself next weekend that i will post here, i am really curious to see how Litespeed 3.0 performs with it's 150 concurrent connection limitation.

.: Michael :.

Maybe we can share some configuration files then, I'am not entirely satisfied with the nginx performance, its supposed to kick the shit out of everything you can think of, except litespeed with lsapi then. But the newest lighttpd pre release with the new mod proxy core balancer is working pretty good.