Serve stale content before purge/reload

Hi all,

sorry if this is a question that already has been discussed, it is just that I couldn't find it.

I am looking for a configuration that enables LiteSpeed Cache to serve the current stale version for one request and in the background refresh that requested page, so that the next request would serve the new version. Right now I am purging the pagecache of the page when it gets updated in the backend, which causes a delay for the next subsequent page request. I am using Craft CMS with a custom plugin, if that matters.

It would also help to know if any of the plugins besides the WP version support this feature, so I could have a look at the code.

thanks !


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Are you buiding a lscache plugin for Craft CMS? If so, you can check the LSCWP code to see how it was implemented.
Thank you for your reply. I was hesitant to examine the lscwp plugin‘s code since it’s such a huge plugin with a tremendous amount of additional functionality (and thus pretty big code base).
So I was wondering if you happen to know if any of the other plugins does the requested feature .