[Resolved] Magento error "an error occured while processing this directive"

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Hi all,

I have just installed Litespeed + LSCache + Litemage to a test server and am very impressed with the speed and ease of use.

A problem I have found on our test Magento install and it works fine but when I access the page for the first time I see the following scattered on the page where the "unique" content should be (cart, etc):

[an error occured while processing this directive]

When I navigate to a subpage then page to the homepage, the page shows as it should without these errors.

This is a stock 1.9 install with dummy content and standard Litemage settings. No additional extensions or customisations.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



LiteSpeed Staff
It is likely that you have compression enabled on PHP side.
Please check PHPinfo page, make sure zlib.output_compression is off.

Thanks for your reply. I can confirm that zlib.output_compression is already off in phpinfo. The errors disappear when I navigate to another page but always seem to happen on the first page load after not accessing the site for a few hours.
I may be getting somewhere while troubleshooting this.

I had System > Configuration > Web > Auto-redirect to Base URL set to "No" with the base URL's set to http://www.mydomain.com which means that visitors can land at the site using http://mydomain.com and no redirect to http://www.mydomain.com will take place unless they visit other pages which are all linked using http://www.mydomain.com regardless of the entry domain.

I noticed that the above issue only happens when I access the site using http://mydomain.com. When I use http://www.mydomain.com there are no errors and it works fine.

I don't know if this is a bug with the module but I have changed System > Configuration > Web > Auto-redirect to Base URL to "Yes" so that all visitors get redirected to http://www.mydomain.com and am hopeful of this resolving the problem.
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