Problems with LiteSpeed Memcached (LSMCD)


I have a "RC: 122 Output: Stats server access error"

I read the documentation but I not fully understanding the process to fix it.

Bare with me I have no coding experience nor I am a developer, but if you explain it to me like I am 5 years old I might be able to fix it.

I have an enterprise license, but my service provider refuses to help me.

I am using this as guidance and I have a few questions:

1. Where is the LSMCD log?, usually found in /tmp/lsmcd.log according to documentation, but I can not find it anywhere. Would this be located on cPanel or WHM? a general search for lsmcd.log shows nothing

2. I have never used a terminal in my life, the documentation says to use terminal and copy and paste the following:

/usr/local/lsmcd/bin/lsmcdctrl start

Which terminal am I using? There is one terminal on cPanel, and there is another terminal on WHM? Are there any serious consequences to the site or server if for some reason the code above is implemented wrong?

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Please check here for more updated doc
terminal is linux terminal, normally you should root ssh into your server and use command line to manage. If you are new to Linux ssh, you can google and learn from the internet. WHM/cpanel has a terminal function as well to allow you ssh into the server.

The command of "/usr/local/lsmcd/bin/lsmcdctrl start " only start your lsmcd,, it won't harm to your server. but you should check the new doc and use "systemctl start lsmcd" instead.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my questions.

Just to confirm on your suggestion, the recommended code to input into terminal to solve "RC: 122 Output: Stats server access error" is as you have indicated like this:

/usr/local/lsmcd/bin/systemctl start lsmcd

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No, I just explain what you asked.

for "RC: 122 Output: Stats server access error" , may need more logs to know what's the reason.