PHP Handler for file without .php Extension


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Hi Community,

I'm trying to migrate my config from Apache to LSWS / LSPHP. My setup requires me to have a php script called 'update' (without .php extension) to be executed by lsphp (Dyndns Update Script, V2 scheme, requires the filename 'update' without any extension).

In Apache, I've set a specific handler for this file in the respective vhost config:
<FilesMatch "update">
SetHandler application/x-httpd-php

How can I do that with lsphp / lsws? Putting the statement in .htaccess does not work.

Thx for any ideas, regards


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Thx for the feedback!

One more question - would that also work with OpenLiteSpeed (where do I put that - in the vhost config file?) or is a commercial LiteSpeed licence required?

Test it, I don't have information if this code works with OLS, so better ask OLS support. This forum is only for LSWS.