Optimization on LiteSpeed server - Autoptimize vs LiteSpeed Cache

Hello, I have a pretty slow LiteSpeed server and I've done some things to improve the speed of my page. My score on Google PageSpeed increased, but I still feel like a lot can be improved.
I use Autoptimize + a3 lazy load plugins. Apparently there is a LiteSpeed Cache plugin dedicated for type of server that I use. Autoptimize also deals with cache, so my question is: should I install LS Cache, or just stick to Autoptimize? Or maybe use both?
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Hi @pilecarls8 ,

About cache part, defiantly use LiteSpeed Cache Plugin.
About Page optimize part, you can do some test and stick with one only, don't use multiple optimize at the same time.

I am not sure why you have a slow site even cache enabled, maybe you can share the URL here?