No Litemage Option on Magento 2


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The Litemage option is not showing in our magento admin.

I have installed Litemage 2.0.1 from this page and followed the instructions.
Our Magento version 2.1.3
We are running php 7.0.1, is this affecting the litemage as the page stated need to be 7.0.2?
Also, we cannot run php bin/magento setup:di:compile-multi-tenant as this is remove in Magento 2.1.2.

Please advise why the Litemage option is not showing.

Our hosting is with A2 Hosting and we confirm it is running Enterprise Edition




LiteSpeed Staff
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1. make sure your license has LiteMage module enabled. You can use "Check License" from WHM LiteSpeed plugin.
2. check your .htaccess, needs to add "LiteMage on".
You don't need to use complie-multi-tenant, just regular di:compile
If you still have issues, you can pm me directly. (one existing issue as published on github for command line cache flush, I'll try to get that fixed before year end)