New forum opened: Use Cases


LiteSpeed Staff
Staff member
We would like to create this new forum, that people can share their experiences on LiteSpeed.

We receive inquiries everyday regarding what type of license to choose for their platform. If this forum can have all different use cases, it will benefit everyone. Hope our existing users can contribute their knowledge and experiences.

Good posts will be selected and put in our blog and web site case study section.

With that said, it requires more information than the feedback forum. For each post, please include:

  1. Your environment: shared hosting/dedicated/VPS
  2. Hardware spec. If you have more than one server, your network infra-structure/topology.
  3. LiteSpeed license type: Standard, x-cpu license.
  4. Your web site type and traffic, like shared hosting, vBulletin, wordpress, RoR, etc. You may also list your web site name if you like.
  5. What is the most important factor that makes you switch to LiteSpeed: like memory saving, performance, prevent DoS, saving on hardware/maintenance, etc.
  6. Some before and after numbers, like server load, memory, page load speed, etc.