Need advice

I can enable gzip compression on the load balancer or on the http nodes. But I'm not sure what is best?

If I enable http compression on the nodes, I can have litespeed webserver cache gzip compressed files.
If I enable http compression on the load balancer, I cannot have a cache (not supporte d until lslb 2.0).

I want to play in online games and I can't. Can someone advice what to do? Maybe is the problem in the site where I am playing?


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All I can say is that activating gzip at application level is harmful because the LiteSpeed web server dynamically uses the appropriate compression. If you manage the compression at the application level, you remove the LSWS's ability to use "brotli" compression if necessary. This applies in particular to the main document. I would only use gzip for static sources, if at all.