Multiple M 2.3.3 Stores on the same Server. Cache refresh in one store, refreshes all stores

We have multiple Magneto 2.3.3 Stores on the same Server. (four to be exact) If I refresh the cache in one store (doesn't matter which one), it refreshes the cache on all stores. How can we fix this behavior? I wasn't able to find anything in the docs.

I was also not able to create a ticket (I get a status code 500 from your server)

Can anyone help me?
Hi serpent_driver,
wow. Thanks for the quick reply. We have 2 seperate domains with 2 subdomains.

What is also weird, that the "LiteMage Cached Objects" under Magento Cache Management has the same value in all 4 stores.

When I clear the cache on domain1, the cache on domain2 will be cleared, too.

Maybe it's also important to mention, that each of the four stores has it's own Magento Installation (4 DBs) but on the same server, each in a different directory.


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With .tld domains you shouldn't have any problems, because the command to purge the cache is only related to the cache of a .tld domain, but not all .tld domains on a server. The command to purge the entire cache purges also cache of subdomains. This is a part of design of LSWS. To get a different cache handling for each .tld and subdomains LSWS must be reconfigured. So login to LiteSpeed account and log a ticket to get the steps for re-configuration.