Multi store only caching one domain


We have a multi store set up that has been working absolutely fine and caching all stores perfectly for several years now. After a couple of recent server updates we are now seeing an issue though of it only caching from one of the stores

The others are getting a report of this when debugging


Not sure if its something to do with the EnvVary part, but any idea would be most welcome :)

Some additional details on this

In the
"vendor/litespeed/module-litemage/Model/CacheControl.php" file

$currentVary = $this->request->get(self::ENV_VARYCOOKIE_DEFAULT); on line 352
is coming back as an empty string for all of the non-main sites which means when comparing it to the request $varyString it never matches.

I have no idea why this would be the case, but it might help someone to identify the issue
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Do all your multidomain stores share the same cache root? All stores share the same doc_root?
What change did you make to your store?
Which store URL work? Which doesn't?

All stores share the same cache root and the same doc_root yes.

In terms of stores that work -
and one that doesnt work -

And in terms of things that have changed, the biggest change we have made was moving from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3, unsure if this is the cause but other than this all we have done really is a restart of the server after running into some memory issues.

In case it helps at all, I added some log messages below to the CacheControl.php file

and this is the log output for a single request to the domain


It seems to check a lot of times, with non matching values, create cookies multiple times but right at the end it goes into the else statement and deletes it.
if I comment out the else code statement where it deletes the cookie, it then of course starts to work, though this really isnt a fix so id like to know exactly why the issue is occurring lol.
Are you seeing that on every request or only on that one specifically?

I've tested this now on more than 10 separate devices on 4 separate networks and I can't get a single one of them to come back with the litespeed cache hit, the all come back with the same issues as detailed above.

Snip below is the response header from a request to the site that was made from one of the separate networks.