lsws stops working frequently?


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maybe I can not call it stops working frequently. but it really stops for awhile and starts itself. I noticed your website maybe has same problem. because I can not access your website sometimes and then it is be accessed later.


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Disclaimer: I'm not using 3.0.x yet.

I'm seeing the same problems accessing your (lsws) site and therefore I'm wondering about this problem too.
Any bug in there which will be fixed for 3.0.x stable?


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#4 is powered by the bleeding edge of 3.0 release. We use the site to debug any potential problems.

However, we are not aware of any lsws "stall" problems as described in both the 3.0 or 2.X release branches. Perhaps you have been just been unlucky and visited our site during one of our debug sessions. =)