We intend to install LSWS on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Hence we're not sure what would be the appropriate version os LSWS for us...

How should we count the number of CPU cores? Is it the real hardware number or is it whatever the VPS can see?

Does it really matter if we pick the LSWS for 1 core and later install it on a Dual core machine? Will it really affect the performance?

Our VPS is the V-Elite on

The actual hardware is a big server, with several CPUs, each of them with several cores (need to check the actual number).


LiteSpeed Staff
1 cpu/core license works on server with any number of CPU cores, we do not enforce this kind of license restriction like other software vendor does. However, we do recommend N cpu/core license for N cpu/core server to get the most of your server.

I case of a VPS, 1 core license is enough as usually you will only get one CPU/core no matter how many physical cpu/cores on the server.