LSWS cPanel/WHM plugin


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cPanel update will not touch third party plugins, so, it should be fine, unless they change the way how plugin should be integrated into cPanel. Not likely.


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The WHM is useless and immature. If you are not aware, it may cause you big trouble. See this thread:

Your issue in the thread you linked here has nothing to do with WHM or the WHM plugin and then your actions you took to remove the plugin were not what you should have done so you caused collateral damage to your server.

LSWS and WHM and the WHM plugin are not to blame for any of your issues, you should have a qualified system administrator do work such as this for you in the future otherwise you will need to be willing to accept responsibility when you make a mistake instead of pushing it off onto a company or product :)

Good luck!
Yes i agree that Cpanel/WHM is the number 1 choice. Ive always loved the features of the two.

Question for the administrator, Will fantastico be free forever?