lsphp5 high cpu, xcache issues


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So, I've tried here, but in the end there are serious issues on one server that help is needed with

Occasionally, this will overload, causing out of memory issues. Happens every few days, nothing huge

Continually pushing 25% lsphp5 per php script. It's not just one, it's every single one of them

In order to try to combat this, I've recompiled php (and lsphp5) with xcache... However, LS seems to not like this, or load properly.

The xcache configs are default. The LS configs have only changed minimally (yes,
lsws web admin -> Server -> External App -> lsphp5 -> Run On Start Up:suEXEC is enabled) . However, nothing is being cached at all, which is not helping the massive load issue.
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