LSMCD Problems


I have tried to setup LSMCD on my server, but have run into some problems.

It is a Cloudlinux / Litespeed / cPanel server with 6 active cPanel accounts.

I followed the instructions here..

I set it up using the SASL options in the provided documentation above.

I get so far and all seems to be ok, however the LSMCD plugin does not appear in my cPanel accounts, and the LSWCM in wordpress displays the following connection error..


I have read through the documentation a few times, including troubleshooting tips but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.



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What is shown for command:
sudo systemctl status lsmcd
Have you followed the specific steps for plugin install?
I must say I compromised a Centos 6 installation trying to upgrade the built-in Python, as LSMCD required Python 3.
Worst idea ever. But I can't remember how next installation with Centos 7 accepted LSMCD without latest Python.
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I reran the steps for plugin install as you mentioned. I see errors in the output I believe relate to Python. I will rectify these first and report back