LSLB as a CDN ?


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Can LSLB cache static files locally ?

We would be interesed in setting up 4 or 5 LSLB servers around the world behind a loadbalancing anycast IP address.

For this to work, all static files must be cached in memory on the load balancer, so that people in different countries could see a speed up for static files.

With Litemage and WP Lscache support, it could be one of the best CDN's out there allowing the CDN to also cache some dynamic pages.



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LB follow standard cache-control for caching static file.
It can be configured to turn on cache based on file suffix used in the URL.
Caching static file in memory is expensive, our cache is file backend, store cache to a SSD disk should be good.


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Great, I quite sure that that's what other CDN's do.

Can I configure LSLB to act as a static file cache server for multilple different litespeed servers without manually adding allowed vhosts ?

What I'm interesed in doing is having multiple cPanel servers with LiteSpeed, local visitors will be routed directly to the server and non local IP's will be routed to the closest Litespeed Load Balancer (that would be acting as a static cache server). I need the LiteSpeed Load balancer to know which cPanel server to fetch the dynamic pages from without manually adding domain's to it. Is this possible ?