LSCache for WordPress v3.3 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v3.3

In this release: resource localization, bug fixes, and more!

Page Optimize [NEW]: Added a new setting, Inline JS Deferred Excludes. (@ankit)
Page Optimize [NEW]: Added the ability to use local copies of external JS files for better control over page score impacts.
Page Optimize: CSS/JS Combine/Minify file versions will be differentiated by query string hash instead of new filename to reduce DB/file system storage.
Page Optimize: Improved combination of CSS media queries. (@galbaras)
Page Optimize: Reprioritized Inline JS Defer to be optimized before encoding, for a significantly smaller result.
LQIP: Detect if the file exists before sending LQIP request to
CCSS: Sped up CCSS process significantly by sending HTML and CSS in request.
CCSS: Improvements to mobile CSS support in CCSS.
CCSS: Minimize CCSS failures by attempting to automatically fix CSS syntax errors.
Cloud: Domain Key will be deleted after site_not_registered error to avoid endless repeated requests.
CDN: CDN Original URL will default to WP Site URL if not set. (@ruikai)
CLI: Global output format --format=json/yaml/dump and --json support in CLI. (@alya1992)
CDN: Improved handling of non-image CSS url() sources in CDN. (@Daniel McD)
CDN [BUGFIX]: Fixed CDN replacement conflict w/ JS/CSS Optimize. (@ankit)
Crawler: Only reset Crawler waiting queues when crawling begins. (@ruikai)
Network: Network Enable Cache is no longer reset to ON Use Network Settings in enabled. (@RavanH)
Activation [BUGFIX]: Fixed a PHP warning that appeared during uninstall. (@RavanH)
Debug: Automatically omit long strings when dumping an array to debug log.
Report: Subsites report now shows overwritten values along w/ original values. (#52593959)
REST: Improved WP5.5 REST compatibility. (@oldrup)
GUI: Server IP setting moved from Crawler menu to General menu.
GUI: Localize resources moved to Localization tab.
Config: News option now defaults to ON.

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