LSCache for WordPress v2.4.1 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v2.4.1 was released today.

In this release: a complete overhaul of the image optimization UI, bug fixes, and more!

Full release log:
[NEW FEATURE] Media Auto Level Up. Auto refill credit.
[NEW FEATURE] Media Auto delete original backups after pulled. (@borisov87 @JMCA2)
[NEW FEATURE] Media Auto request image optimization. (@ericsondr)
[IMPROVEMENT] Media Fetch 404 error will notify client as other errors.
[IMPROVEMENT] Media Support WebP for PageSpeed Insights. (@LucasRolff)
[BUGFIX] CLI Fixed the issue where CLI import/export caused certain textarea settings to be lost. (#767519)
[BUGFIX] CSS Optimize Fixed the issue that duplicated optimized CSS and caused rapid expansion of CSS cache folder.
[GUI] Media Refactored operation workflow and interface.
[UPDATE] Media Set timeout seconds to avoid pulling timeout. (@Jose)
[UPDATE] CDNFixed the notice when no path is in URL. (@sabitkamera)
[UPDATE] Media Auto correct credits when pulling.
[UPDATE] GUI Removed redundant double quote in gui.cls. (@DaveyJake)
[IAPI] IAPI v2.4.1.
[IAPI] Allow new error status notification and success message from IAPI.

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