LSCache for WordPress v2.0 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v2.0 was released.

In this release: big improvements to image optimization, bug fixes, and more!

Full release log:
[NEW FEATURE] Image Optimization Added level up guidance.
[REFACTOR] Image Optimization Refactored Image Optimization class.
[IAPI] Image Optimization New European Image Optimization server (EU2).
[IMPROVEMENT] Image Optimization Manual pull action continues pulling until complete.
[IMPROVEMENT] CDN Multiple CDNs can now be randomized for a single resource.
[IMPROVEMENT] Image Optimization Improved compatibility of long src images.
[IMPROVEMENT] Image Optimization Reduced runtime load.
[IMPROVEMENT] Image Optimization Avoid potential loss/reset of notified images status when pulling.
[IMPROVEMENT] Image Optimization Avoid duplicated optimization for multiple records in Media that have the same image source.
[IMPROVEMENT] Image Optimization Fixed issue where phantom images continued to show in not-yet-requested queue.
[BUGFIX] Core Improved compatibility when upgrading outside of WP Admin. (@jikatal @TylorB)
[BUGFIX] Crawler Improved HTTP/2 compatibility to avoid erroneous blacklisting.
[BUGFIX] Crawler Changing Delay setting will use server variable for min value validation if set.
[UPDATE] Crawler Added HTTP/2 protocol switch in the Crawler settings.
[UPDATE] Removed unnecessary translation strings.
[GUI] Display translated role group name string instead of English values. (@Richard Hordern)
[GUI] Added Join LiteSpeed Slack link.
[GUI] Import / Export Cosmetic changes to Import Settings file field.
[INTEGRATION] Improved compatibility with WPML Media for Image Optimization. (@szmigieldesign)

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