LSCache for WordPress v1.6.3 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v1.6.3 was released.

In this release: Improvements to some optimization features, bug fixes, and more!

Full release log:
* [NEW FEATURE] Only async Google Fonts setting.
* [NEW FEATURE] Only create WebP images when optimizing setting.
* [NEW FEATURE] Batch switch images to original/optimized versions in Image Optimization.
* [NEW FEATURE] Browser Cache TTL setting.
* [NEW FEATURE] Cache WooCommerce Cart setting.
* [IMPROVEMENT] Moved optimized JS/CSS snippet in header html to after meta charset.
* [IMPROVEMENT] Added a constant for better JS/CSS optimization compatibility for different dir WordPress installation.
* [IAPI] Take over failed callback check instead of bypassing it.
* [IAPI] Image optimization requests are now limited to 500 images per request.
* [BUGFIX] Fixed a parsing failure bug not using attributes in html elements with dash.
* [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug causing non-script code to move to the top of a page when not using combination.
* [UPDATE] Added detailed logs for external link detection.
* [UPDATE] Added new lines in footer comment to avoid Firefox crash when enabled HTML minify.
* [API] `Purge private` / `Purge private all` / `Add private tag` functions.
* [GUI] Redesigned image optimization operation links in Media Lib list.
* [GUI] Tweaked wp-admin form save button position.
* [GUI] Added "learn more" link for image optimization.

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