Litespeed WordPress plugin getting aggressive?


We notice the latest release of the Litespeed WP Plugin, is arbitrarily logging out the Cloudflare plugin, and then displaying this message:

"Please consider disabling the following detected plugins, as they may conflict with LiteSpeed Cache:

This is concerning on two counts...

1) It's really not on, that Litespeed decides to disable a crucial functionality of a website?

2) Has the time come to choose between Litespeed and Cloudflare?

Please, can you provide some insight into the recent update, regarding Cloudflare?


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It is not only about Cloudflare. LiteSpeed has added a new feature in the current release that checks installed plugins for conflicts with other plugins based on reported issues. In my opinion, this new feature is not about patronizing users or displacing other plugin manufacturers, but about ensuring that there are no conflicts when using the cache plugin. A typical problem of Wordpress and the infinite number of plugins that other plugin manufacturers should also take advantage of.
Be that as it may, we cannot find any conflicts with Cloudflare, nor are we experiencing any issues.

We choose to keep Cloudlfare.

However, Litespeed keeps reminding us, with an annoying message in the Dashboard, no matter how many times we dismiss the message.

How can we suppress that message?

Many thanks!