LiteSpeed Web Server v6.3 Now Available

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LiteSpeed Web Server v6.3

In this release: CGI/external app features, bug fixes, and more!

[New Feature] CGI/External app resource limits via cgroups.
[New Feature] CGI/External app file system restrictions via namespace containers.
[New Feature] Advanced anti-DDoS features to protect against request flooding.
[New Feature] Firewall controller to block detected robots at the firewall level.
[New Feature] Easy front end CDN ( or Cloudflare) detection.
[Improvement] Avoid HTTP/2 stream I/O buffer bloating.
[Improvement] HTTP2/HTTP3 priority (RFC 9218) integration.
[Improvement] Drain request body to avoid browser errors in special cases.
[Improvement] Stop _recaptcha process after idling for 5 minutes.
[Bug Fix] Automatically fix apache2.service override for Plesk.
[Bug Fix] Address a ProxyPass corner case that resulted in redirection looping.
[Bug Fix] Avoid caching partial responses due to interrupted proxy connections.
[Bug Fix] Address rewrite rule compatibility issues with Plesk WP toolkit hotlink protection.
[Bug Fix] Address a corner case in multi-part POST parser.
[Bug Fix] Address a corner case in access logging.

Please remember, there may be some delay between this announcement and the ability to auto-update. If you don't want to wait, you can update manually via the following command: `/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 6.3`

Not open for further replies.